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    PL & JL Trucking Co. proudly serves the Metro area and its surrounding regions. Our transportation services extend to the vibrant metropolitan areas and nearby towns, ensuring that businesses in these locations have access to reliable and efficient trucking solutions. 

  • Exceptional Service Across

    the Metro and Beyond

    PL & JL Trucking Co. is dedicated to providing exceptional transportation services across the Metro area and beyond.

  • Secure and

    Timely Delivery of Your Shipments

    we understand the importance of secure and timely delivery when it comes to your packages. Whether you're shipping small parcels or larger packages, we ensure that your shipments are handled with the utmost care and delivered to their destination on schedule.

  • Comprehensive and Reliable

    Transportation Solutions Across

    At PL & JL Trucking Co. we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and reliable transportation solutions that go above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

  • Freight Experts

    Trust PL & JL Trucking Co. for reliable transportation solutions that meet all your freight needs. Our experienced team ensures efficient and secure delivery of your goods.


About Us

We are steadfastly committed to our core values, which revolve around the importance of people. We value our customers, our team members, their families, and the communities we serve. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We firmly believe in the significance of our customers, our team members, their families, and the communities we serve. This overarching belief shapes our approach and sets the tone for our organization’s operations.

PL & JL Services

Our Services

At PL & JL Trucking Co., we are experts in transporting a wide variety of freight, ranging from general cargo to perishable goods, specialized loads, and oversized shipments.
Our dedicated fleet of box trucks and cargo vehicles, operated by highly skilled drivers, guarantees the dependable and punctual delivery of your goods, while ensuring their safety and integrity throughout the entire transportation process.

Box Truck Delivery Services

Our fleet of box trucks is equipped to handle a wide range of deliveries, from small packages to medium-sized cargo. With spacious interiors and secure compartments, we ensure the safe transportation of your goods.

Cargo Vehicle Solutions

Our specialized cargo vehicles are designed to accommodate larger and heavier shipments. Whether you need to transport bulky items, machinery, or equipment, our cargo vehicles provide the space and capacity required for efficient and reliable delivery.

Last-Mile Delivery

We offer last-mile delivery services, ensuring that your packages and shipments reach their final destinations with precision and timeliness. Our experienced drivers navigate local neighborhoods and urban areas, ensuring a seamless and convenient delivery experience.

Express Delivery Options

Need urgent delivery? Our express delivery services prioritize time-sensitive shipments, ensuring they are expedited and delivered swiftly. With our dedicated team and efficient logistics management, we strive to meet your tight deadlines.





Our Values


We value our customers, our team members, their families, and the communities we serve. We treat everyone with respect and dignity.


We are proud to take full responsibility for our actions and have a keen eye for detail. Our conduct is guided by unwavering honesty and ethics, and we always ensure transparency and accountability in all our endeavors.


We are driven to exceed expectations in all we do. We deliver high-quality services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.


At our company, we approach our services with great passion and a positive, can-do attitude. We are highly motivated and enthusiastic about achieving our goals.

Our Passion

We are passionate about the services we offer and we bring a positive and can-do attitude. We are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve our goals. Passion is the heartbeat of our organization. We are driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for what we do and the positive impact we aspire to make. Our team approaches every task with dedication, creativity, and a genuine love for our work. This passion fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence and inspires us to go above and beyond

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